The Archivists Round Table Of Metropolitan New York (NYART) Is Hosting A Workshop On “Digital Asset Management And Institutional Repositories” On November 10th, 2008

September 7, 2008

Chris Lacinak, founder of AVPS and Education Coordinator at NYART is pleased to announce an upcoming workshop titled “Digital Asset Management and Institutional Repositories: Case Studies Addressing the Development and Implementation of Systems”, which will be held on November 10th at The NYU Kimmel Center in New York City.

This workshop consists of three presentations from a group of five experts. These presentations will present case studies of projects in which they have been involved. The projects span all relevant content and media types including documents, still images, moving image and sound. The presenters will share their valuable experiences, focusing on covering concerns and questions that many NYART members are, or will soon be asking as they embark on their own projects.

The Speakers will be Leala Abbot – Digital Asset Librarian, Enfatico; Einar Brendalen – Image Systems Analyst, Metropolitan Museum of Art; Jonathan Marmor – Manager of IT and Broadband Operations, Thirteen/WNET New York; David Rice – Digital Media Archivist, Thirteen/WNET New York; and Sunny Yoon – Digital Resources Coordinator, The City University of New York, Office of Library Services.

Development and implementation of these systems is a topic that has been, or will soon be tackled for the first time in many organizations. For those organizations already beyond this initial milestone, the challenge and experience serve as practice while they look forward to repeating the process many more times to come.