Why do Music Libraries ❤️ Aviary?

By: Chris Lacinak
February 21, 2020

Aviary is a game changer for accessible, connected, and protected audio and visual content. We’ve heard the following seven features add up to make it a must for music libraries. Please join AVP for a webinar just for music libraries on Wednesday, August 12th at 1 PM ET.  Sign up here.

    1. Permissions Control

Control exactly who can access your audio and video content, when, where, and how from a single interface. Aviary Slide Deck (1)

  • 2. Playlists

  • Make curated access to audio and video content for courses and exhibits. Playlists allow organizations to sequence media files from across their collections into a single location with segmented playback. 

    3. Cost

  • Just $10/month for 100 resources. See pricing plans here.

    4. Customer Support

  • Extensive user guides, live chat support and more.
  • 5. SSO Integrations for Authentication

  • SAML and other custom integration options.
  • 6. SaaS Ease of Deployment 

  • Easy to stand-up and maintain for non-IT staff

    _Blank Azure (2019) Diagram (1)

     7. Custom Integrations with Description and Preservation Systems

  • Use integrations to tie your systems together for a cohesive archive.

    Aviary-Preservica-Webinar-AVPSLIDES Custom Integrations