Upcoming Free Aviary Webinars

By: Chris Lacinak
October 24, 2019

We are continuing to grow our Aviary community with new adopting organizations and platform capabilities. Learn about specific ways Aviary works for different systems, metadata, and organizations in these upcoming free webinars. 

Preservica + Aviary Tuesday 11/05/19 @ 2PM EST

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Join us for an interactive webinar featuring a case study from Yale University highlighting the integration of Preservica, the award winning active digital preservation system and Aviary, an exciting new access platform for audio and video materials from AVP. While Preservica protects and future-proofs critical long-term digital information, Aviary’s integration enhances search and navigation for video and audio using synchronized transcripts, granular permissions to control exactly how your content can be accessed, and branding and identity that enables seamless integration into an organization’s website.

Webinar participants will see a brief overview of both Preservica and Aviary, followed by a demonstration from Yale University on how they use the Preservica/Aviary integration to meet the needs of both preservation and access for audiovisual collections.


Kevin Glick, Head of Digitization and Digital Preservation, Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library

Bertram Lyons, Partner and Senior Consultant at AVP


OHMS + Aviary Wednesday 11/06/19 @ 1PM EST

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Join us on November 6th at 1PM to see how Yale University, Indiana University and the Wisconsin Historical Society are pairing OHMS and Aviary to make their oral histories take flight! See how combining these two applications creates new opportunities and user experiences for you and your users, including: improved search and navigation; granular permissions and access controls, and branding and identity that enables seamless integration into your website. During the webinar we’ll present background on OHMS and Aviary, and then feature three real-world case studies with Yale University, Indiana University and the Wisconsin Historical Society. 


  • Recent OHMS developments
  • Aviary features for oral histories
  • Use cases from users of both OHMS & Aviary
    • 3 examples of creating indexes & transcripts
    • 3 examples of discovery & access
    • Ask questions about using OHMS & Aviary for your work


Doug Boyd, Director, Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History Special Collections at University of Kentucky

Jon Cameron, Digital Media Service Manager, Indiana University Libraries Digital Collections Services

Kevin Glick, Head of Digitization, Yale University Manuscripts and Archives

Paul Hedges, Digital Collections Coordinator, Wisconsin Historical Society

Kerri Willette, Senior Consultant and Aviary Product Manager, AVP