Preserving the legacy of one of the city's treasures.

AVP has supported several initiatives for the New York Public Library (NYPL).

The first involved the inventory of over 800,000 audio, video, and film items across the organization. This effort also included interviews with key stakeholders to inform a report that presented findings and recommendations for the preservation and access of NYPL holdings.

The inventory information was also used to perform extensive analysis, informing strategic and technical planning and addressing a wide range of aspects, including key performance indicators, budgets, staffing, facilities workflows, throughput, and more.

The second project involved formulating a digital preservation strategy for all digital collections objects across NYPL. In the initial phase, AVP interviewed executive-level staff and thoroughly reviewed existing documentation related to the library’s current operations. This data informed a report that proposed a digital preservation mandate, supporting a high level strategic plan and rationale for digital preservation at NYPL.

Together these projects resulted in the establishment and implementation of master plans for a comprehensive effort to preserve and make accessible NYPL audiovisual holdings and to bolster the digital preservation infrastructure and staffing at NYPL. This work led to an immediate initial funding increase of over $1M, a commitment from the Library President to raise over $80M, and the hiring of multiple permanent positions.

AVP later returned to help NYPL select a digital preservation system.

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