Physical Collections

Need to preserve your physical assets for the future?

We can help!

Physical, legacy collections offer a wealth of potential opportunities for engagement with users and the dissemination of knowledge, but come with a unique set of challenges. Through our menu of services, AVP strives to make it as easy as possible for organizations to overcome these challenges.

Whether you want to bolster your in-house capabilities and infrastructure, outsource to vendors, or utilize a hybrid approach to preserve, digitize, and make your physical collections accessible and usable, we can help. From the granular work of understanding what you have in your collections to high-level strategic planning in the design, budgeting, and implementation of projects, AVP can help you successfully accomplish your goals.

Check out our menu of services (then contact us!) to find the right solution for preserving and making your physical collections accessible and usable.

Physical Collection Services

Intellectual Control

    • Inventory
    • Survey
    • Catalyst Solution
    • Documentation consolidation & analysis
    • Condition assessment
    • Prioritization

Audiovisual Preservation Project Planning & Implementation

    • RFP creation & vendor negotiation
    • File format selection
    • Physical & digital storage planning
    • Digitization project management
    • Quality control


    • Digitization facilities planning
    • Equipment selection
    • Wiring diagrams
    • Workflow design
    • Staffing plans
    • Throughput calculations
    • Financial analysis & master budgets

Training and Facilitation

in any of the areas listed — and more!

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AVP has extensive experience performing preservation assessments and drafting preservation plans, yielding tangible results and outcomes.

At Indiana University, our preservation assessment and planning work helped result in an initial round of funding of $15M from the University President, the hiring of multiple positions, and a significant public-private partnership.

Our AV preservation assessment and planning work with the New York Public Library led to an immediate increase in internal funding, the hiring of multiple permanent positions, additional funding from the Mellon Foundation, and a commitment from the Library President to raise the tens of millions of dollars necessary to see the plan through.

At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, our preservation assessment and planning work helped result in two additional grants from the Mellon Foundation totaling over $2.5M, improving infrastructure, and the hiring of multiple positions.

Although technical in nature, our work focuses on the whole organization and the creation of effective real-world plans that speak to the unique goals, objectives, and constraints of each organization we work with. We look forward to discussing how best to achieve your goals for your physical collections!

Selected Clients

Here are a few of the organizations we have helped with their physical collections.