AVP has assisted multiple financial institutions more effectively manage their data. The key to our success in these projects has been our holistic approach which examines and responds to the unique aspects of each organization we work with. While technology is central to our projects, it is the time we take to understand the nuances of each organization’s operations, politics, financials, goals, and vision that enables us to deliver meaningful and lasting results. The description of our work below provides information on how we have worked with a few financial institutions. However, we can offer these services independently and they are not necessarily tied together or dependent on each other.

Inventory and Digitization

We have helped with inventorying, budgeting and technical planning for digitization of legacy media, ranging from marketing/communications to sensitive investment materials. Following the planning phase we have helped created requests for proposals, vetted digitization vendors, trained staff on quality control and ingest of digitized materials, and managed digitization projects on behalf of the client.

Digital Asset Management, Digital Preservation, and Taxonomy

Parallel to digitization efforts we have gathered and documented requirements, and then vetted and implemented digital asset and preservation management systems to optimize the usability and persistence of digital assets – both digitized and born digital. We have also facilitated the development of taxonomies as part of this work, enabling better integration of systems and processes as well as improved analysis and reporting.