AVP has worked with the Library of Congress and the Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative on a number of projects over the past several years.

We have served as the principal investigator for internationally recognized projects, including:

  • establishing an MXF Application Specification for standardization of MXF wrapped JPEG2000 and Uncompressed video for archiving and preservation purposes
  • drafting test methods and performance specifications for testing of Analog-to-Digital Converters
  • developing BWF MetaEdit, a software application for managing embedded metadata in WAVE files and more.

Much of this work has been published at digitizationguidelines.gov.

American Folklife Center

AVP has also performed multiple projects for the Library of Congress American Folklife Center. In 2016, AVP developed and integrated software to allow more efficient ingest of digital materials to Library of Congress systems for long term management of data, greatly improving the speed and accuracy of performing this work.

In 2017, AVP performed data management services, working with a diverse array of materials donated to the American Folklife Center in order to consolidate, transform and normalize the media and metadata to enable ingest into Library of Congress systems.

AVP has also consulted on a third set of projects that include developing the Bibframe metadata standard for the Library of Congress. Bibframe is positioned to replace a long-standing metadata standard developed by the Library of Congress known as MARC.

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